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Break out of your shell!

  Executive Touch creates an environment and session like no other. Putting aside dreams and desires are not the way we should live! The saying: " We only live once " is ever so true. Our imagination is what makes us not only unique beings but also sets us aside from others.Sometimes we need a place to escape to...relax...get in touch with our true selves and desires.

   Treat yourself to a relaxation session by allowing your body,mind and soul to connect as one and feel the stress and weight lifted of your shoulders.

Keep in mind sessions are personal. Each and every session is never the same and tailored to meet your needs, goals and/or desires.

Think of the studio as a "safe space" for men,thoughtful created by a non bias lady with a mind filled with your hopes,dreams & desires in mind.

Enjoy.Indulge...and be the best man you can be!

Disclaimer & Waiver



By participating in any of Executive Touch Personal Coaching & Massage Therapy Studio Services, you acknowledge that I am neither a licensed psychologist, health care professional, physician nor do they replace the care of all of the above listed professions or in the related field. Executive Touch holds no responsible in your actions in life nor can the company guarantee any outcome that may or may not come out of the session.

All communications and actions between one another during the session are between two consenting adults. If in any way you feel like you need psychological help, please consult with your physician and/or healthcare provider. Coaching is only to assist those that do not have severe and/or major emotional, psychological trauma or anything related in that matter.

Executive Touch provides services for men (18+) that would like a safe and intimate place to share their goals, desires and what they may have going on in their lives at that time. As some coaching services may also be accommodated with a spa package, massage therapy session, the person is responsible for additional fees that may incur in addition to coaching sessions.

Access to anything related to Executive Touch in addition to access into the studio, is made available only to those who accept the terms of the following agreement. I understand that money exchanged is for time (such as coaching sessions/social sessions), companionship and/or massage therapy sessions only. Under perjury of law I solemnly affirm that I am at least 18 years of age and have the legal right to access information on Executive Touch & entering the studio in my community.

I understand the laws and standards set in my community, site, mobile device and computer to which I am transporting this material, and am solely responsible for my own actions. I am not law enforcement agent, affiliated with any law enforcement or government agency.

I understand that bookmarking to a page on this site whereby passing this warning page constitutes an implicit acceptance of this agreement. Reproduction of this site is strictly prohibited. All of the images on this website are the sole property of and may not be copied or reproduced without the consent from owner of this site.

I understand fully that no part of this site may be copied without the written consent of the owner. If I use these services in violation of the above agreement, I understand I may be in violation of local and/or federal laws.

I am accountable for my choice to enter this site, entering the studio and by viewing the content on, I agree to the above disclaimers.

I also accept all responsibility for entering this site and relieve the owner or any persons affiliated with this website of any responsibility, legal or otherwise.

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