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Personal/Life Coaching Sessions

  Overcoming obstacles are a big part of life,and from time to time we need a second opinion or a little encouragement to help us along the way.

Sessions are intimate, non judgemental & tailored to your comfort level. No session is ever the same, keep in open mind & open heart.

Rates will be determined after consultation.

Duel Massage Therapy/ Coaching Sessions

Indulge with your choice of relaxation,therapeutic,deep tissue massage or sensual massage. followed by a tailored personal service session. 

Session fee may vary from type of massage to additional services required to ensure a enjoyable & intimate time.

Feel free to walk In during hours of operation to inquire.

Massage Therapy/ Spa Packages

  Sore Muscles? Want to relax and feel like a new man? Choose from a relaxation, therapeutic,deep tissue or sports therapy with hot towel finish. Spa packages are based on availability.

Treatments and sessions vary by package. feel free to walk in or contact the studio for more information.

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